Make Every Year Your Best Year!

It’s Comeback Time!

Are You Ready to Win Now?
If so, welcome to the
Dr. Willie Jolley

Goal-Setting and Goal-Achieving Super Class!

JUMPSTART Your New Year! 

Yes, I know budgets are tight right now for many of us.

That’s why I’m offering my Goal-Setting and Goal-Achieving Super Class for $100 off the regular price of $197–for only $97!

During this Goal-Setting and 
Goal-Achieving Super Class, 
you’ll learn how to:


Prepare your mindset to master your yearly dreams and goals


Practice simple, powerful and repeatable strategies to ensure you achieve those goals


Develop your clear blueprint action plan


Get straightforward advice on what you need to do RIGHT NOW to set yourself on the right course for your massive success and achievement

For the bargain of only $97, you’ll have over 3-hours of content. 

You'll able to learn at your own pace. Stop and replay any sections to get better understanding of what to do. 

Plus...You'll also get a Class Workbook that is downloadable and writeable. 

Plus...As my BONUS GIFT TO YOU, you'll receive my downloadable and writeable Jolley Goals Journal. 

This is your life-changing year. Use the goal-setting principles taught in my Goal-Setting and Goal-Achieving Super Class to grow you to where you want to be!

When this year is over, ask yourself:

"Did I accomplish what I set out to do when it started?" 

Are you anxious, stuck, a bit annoyed with yourself for not getting the results your previous New Year’s resolutions promised? 

Wherever you are in your journey, we both know, you could have done more, saved more, loved more, listened more, travelled more, and the list goes on.

I believe we all want to see our visions come to life. But here is the challenge – LIFE! It’s messy. It’s unpredictable. It’s exhausting. 

But to “DO OR GET DIFFERENT” in the new year, we must “DO DIFFERENT,” starting right now!

An aggressive, focused, determined approach is required. Learn to think and execute differently.

I highly recommend you do it right now!

Learn from me...Dr. Willie Jolley.

Why? I helped Ford Motors when they were on the brink of bankruptcy to steer their business back to profits and reject a government bailout! 

I went from being a fired karaoke singer over 30 years ago to a respected international expert. 

My daily message called "Wake Up & Win with Dr. Willie Jolley" is featured on the #1 Gospel Radio Show in America, The Erica Campbell Morning Show.

How did all of this happen? I had a PLAN! I had goals. I had strategies.

And I want to help you WIN!

Make this your best year yet!